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Submit a SERF

Fill out this form to register a fraternity and/or sorority event with Fraternity and Sorority Life. Be sure to have event details, location, and any advertisements/flyers ready before proceeding. Upon submitting this form, an email will be sent to FSL alerting them to the new submission. Additionally, each associated approver for each participating organization will be sent an email asking them to approver or deny the event.

Event Information

Event Location
Each selection will require additional, required information. If selecting an off-campus location, please provide the entire address of the location.

Event Description
Please be as thorough as possible in describing your event. You are more likely to have an event quickly approved if the description is detailed and comprehensive.

Event Date
Be aware that if a date is selected within the next five days, the submission will be marked late and a fee may be assessed.

SAFE Form Code
A public link to the SAFE Form is required if the event requires a SAFE Form. The code/link should be in your initial submission email receipt.

Advertisments and Flyers

Please upload any advertisements/flyers associated with the event. If advertisements/flyers have yet to be created, they will need to be delivered to the FSL office.

File Types
jpg, png, pdf, rtf, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx

File Size
Files cannot exceed 16MB in size, each.

Organization Involvement

Select all organizations participating in this event. If more than four are participating, please contact us for other arrangements.

Each president, social chair, and advisor of each organization selected will be logged as an approver and will be sent an email asking for their approval as soon as the form is submitted.

Humanity Check

Please prove that you are human by filling out the Captcha.